1. Shruthika

    What is exaustive testing and when we do it

  2. riyan

    hi ,
    can any one tell me difference betweeen error,bug,deffects

  3. Ram

    Verification is always done on documents .For example walk through, inspection and review comes under verification.
    In V-model review on SRS,review on Design and analysys are comes under verification.
    Verification is to check whether we r building right system or not?

    Validation is process of checking whether our system is doing right things or not?
    Unit testing,Integration testing,system testing ,UAT come under validation process.

  4. Umesh

    As per above V Model diagram, it is mentioned that, from HWIT to SW Req process, one arrow is named as Sofwatre Requirmenst review. similiarly for SSIT to SW design process one arrow named as preliminary design review. Kindly give more clarity these reviews


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